Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cozumel 2014 Day 9 The Final Chapter

Today is our last day of diving this trip. We have had a wonderful and relaxing time. We hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos and videos. We'd love to read your comments, so if you haven't already done so, leave us a few words about the pics you like best. If you've already y left a comment, please leave another on. This morning we dove on Punta Tunich Reef and went back to Villa Blanca Reef in search of the elusive Bat Fish. We didn't find any today, but you won't want to miss the video Reva took of some Squid! It's very unusual to locate Squid during the day, but our fantastic dive master, Julio Kim did just that. He's the best!
Green Moray Eel
Black, Red & White Nudi-Branch
Large Black Grouper
Blue Tang
Peacock Flounder
Black & White Moray Eel
Tiny Juvenile Trunk Fish (size of a thimble)
Great Barracuda
Nurse Shark
 Peacock Flounder

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  1. I liked all of your pictures. Hard to pick a favorite. Have a safe trip home...