Friday, July 22, 2011

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 10 The Final Chapter

Day 10, The Final Chapter -- Okay, I know some of you are tired of all the underwater photos, so I assure you that this is the final chapter of Cozumel 2011. Today we will show photos of a large gray ray, a trumpet fish, a five point star fish (this is the only one we saw this year), Mitch with a turtle, a small eel, and a balck & yellow reef fish that wanted a kiss from Reva. Then there are four macro shots of very small critters. You'll have to look closely at some in order to find them. They are a black-red-white nudi-branch, a sand blennie, a red rock bleenie and a lettuce nudi-branch. Reva did a great job of photograph this year. She had to carry the ball after Mitch's camera case flooded and ruined his camera. Thank you all for looking and PLEASE leave some feedback. God has given us so much beauty that is hard to imagine until you've been there! Enjoy and God bless!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 9

Day 9 -- Palancar Horseshoe Reef followed by San Clemente Wall. These were very nice drift dives that produced great colors of coral, sponge and fish. Greeted shortly after our decent by a friendly feeding sea turtle, the fun was on. Lobster (big enough to feed a family of six) poked its head out to say "hello". An unfriendly Lion Fish met its doom at the end of Dive Master Julio's spear and would be held over to the second dive to make a festive dinner for a large Mutton Snapper. A large crab waved goodbye as we prepared for our first assent of the day. On the second dive, though the current was swift, we were quickly met by another large lobster. Along the way were an array of beautiful reef fish, large Parrot Fish, large Brown Angels Fish, a couple of grumpy looking Barracuda and too many others to name. As we began our final assent a six foot Nurse Shark swam out to say goodbye. We hope you enjoy the photos and the videos today.
Gram doesn't like videos taken of her. Grandpa says, "Get over it, Gram!"

Wow! Watch these big Parrot Fish chompping down. Don't let them get your finger!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 8

Day 8 - Trips to Dalila and Punta Tuniche Reefs were unique, enjoyable, but not our best dives. Swift currents made photograph difficult, but there were rewards, as you will see. Enjoy the photos of: crab; splendid toad fish; blue tipped sea anonime (see if you can find the tiny cleaner shrimp); green moray eel, and the sand dollar. We'll also try to load a couple of videos, but can never tell if they'll actually load. One is a special request from our grandson, Thatcher, who told Gram that he wanted to see a video of Grandpa swimming. The other is of our divemaster, Julio, feeding a Lion Fish to a Trigger Fish. What fun!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 7

Day 7 -- A beautiful day for diving with calm winds and flat seas. S trip down toward the southern end of the island brought us to Palancar Garden Reef for our first dive. Lazy swim through tunnels between 70 and 90 feet were relaxing. Coming out on top of the reef brought an array of sea life. Our second dive was at San Clement Reef. This is a reef which we dove earlier in the week at night, but this was the first ever daylight dive for us at this location. It is a shallow reef (20-45 ft.) and was one on which we spent just over ninety minutes today. We looked for and found many tiny sea creatures: Nudi-Branch of assorted varities; tiny sand and rock blennies; a flounder about the size of a quarter; and many very small fish. Toward the end of the dive we found ourselves face to face with a small school of Reef Squid. This is something we'd never encountered before. We hope you enjoy the pictures and please leave us a comment.

From some of the LARGEST (Mitch with a Great Grouper)......................To some of the smallest (Mitch with a Nudi-Branch lying on his arm) Spider Crab (Good shot, Reva!) Trunk Fish (or is that Mitch looking in a mirror?)
God's glorious beauty shines through at 90 feet under the sea!

This little reef fish is only about 3 inches long and very difficult to catch in a photograph. In all our years of diving, this is the best we've been able to do!

A nudi-branch (about 1/2 inch long) inside a yellow barrell sponge.

School of Reef Squid passing by.
Very nice File Fish, but Mitch will never catch him! Reef Mermaid. I think I'll take her home with me!

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 6

Day six took us to Columbia Reef and Columbia Shallow Reef. Columbia Shallow has become our favorite diving destination because it is shallow (meaning we can stay down longer) and there is an abundance/variety of sea life. Our second dive today lasted over one and one half hours and we hope you enjoy the photos.

The splendor of God's creation. Looking up from 85 feet below the waters surface.

Sea Snails mating at 35 feet. (the slugs are extended from their between the two shells)Puffer FishSplended Toad Fish (found only in the area around Cozumel)

Trumpet Fish

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 5

Day 5 took us to Santa Rosa Wall and Tormentos Reef. There were many reef fish, some tiny critters and one huge Green Moray Eel. Enjoy the photos!

Beautiful Queen Angel Fish

Tiny Deep Blue Sponge attached to large Red Sponge. Very Unique. Small Fish searching the heart of an Orange Sponge

Purple Shrimp

Green Moray Eel (look closely for Mitch peeking in from the back side)

Can you find the Yellow Blinnie? He's about the size of a match head!

Cozumel Diving 2011 - Day 4

Day Four brought another couple of great dives on Carribean reefs just off Cozumel, Mexico. Our dives today were a late afternoon dive on Cedral Wall followed by a night dive on San Clemente reef. Here are a few photos and a couple of short videos. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or two.

An intrusive Lion Fish attacking a Conch nestled in the center of a Giant Sponge.

A Multi-Tiered Flower Worm

A beautiful blue Trigger Fish.

Hawk Nosed Turtle

Does anyone out there know what this is? Even our divemaster, whose been diving these reefs for sixteen years, had never seen one.

Let's Do the Crab Walk!

Flitting and Flirting With a Yellow Ray.