Saturday, October 24, 2009

A freind of mine posted a photo of a Lion Fish on her Facebook site. These fish are very harmful to the Carribean reefs and are not indigenous to the area. They have been introduced by people buying them for their aquariums then releasing them, either in the Gulf of Mexico or the Carribean. Either way, they end up in the warm waters of the Carribean and on the reefs there. They eat the roe and fry of the reef fish and they have no natural preditors on the Carribean reefs. Dive masters in Cozumel have received instructions to capture and kill all that they find. An effort is underway in the US to outlaw the possession and/or sale of these distructive fish. Guess where my friend took her photo. You guessed it, in a local pet shop aquarium!

Here are a couple of photos of Lion Fish I took in Cozumel this summer.
This first one is of a lion fish hiding under a small shelf of coral.
These next two photos are of our dive master, Julio, holding a captured Lion Fish. It has been bagged to be taken to the surface and disposed of .

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day #2 in the life of Drew Pellerin
Actually, this first photo was taken on day one, but Grandpa was relucant to share it before now. The sign on the window of the Nursery says "Do Not Take Photos Through The Window". When my sister was born two and a half years ago, Grandpa almost got kicked out of the hospital for breaking the rules. Can you believe he's a preacher? Anyway, he accidently tripped while walking up to the window to see me and as he fell the camera went off and Poof, this picture was taken.
This is mommy showing off a pretty handmade quilt Ms. Barbara Engelman made for me. It matches my room which is a monkey motif. Thank you Ms. Barbara, we love the quilt!
This is how I spend most of my time. Snoozing!
He I am with my Gram and big sister, Ashtyn.
Here's my proud grandparents, Gram and Grandpa with Ashtyn and me.
This is my cousin Thatcher and Double A (Aunt Angela).
Grandpa brought me my first fishing rod and I can't wait to try it out.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:16, our daughter Laura Pellerin, gave birth to Andrew Charles Pellerin, 7lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long. He and mommy are doing wonderfully well. His daddy, Bobby, and big sister, Ashtyn are also doing well and very excited. Here are a few photos of Drew, our third grandchild (second grandson). I guess you could say Gram and Grandpa are pretty proud, also. Enjoy the photos!
Mr. Drew Pellerin
Mommy and Drew
Big Sister, Ashtyn, and Baby Drew

Daddy, Big Sister and Drew

Gram and Drew

Nana and Drew

Grandmother and Drew

Grandpa and Drew