Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cozumel 2014 Day 8

Up early after a great night dive and off again to Palanca Bricks Reef. It was here that a six foot Nurse Shark came swimming across the top of the reef directly at Reva. He came within one foot of her camera (see picture below) before turning away and swimming through our group of divers. He hung out with us for about a full minute, sometimes coming close enough to touch. Later in the morning we made our way to the Columbia Shallows reef where there was an abundance of sea life. Enjoy the photos and video.
 Reva says. "Welcome to my world."
Yellow Filefish
French Angel
Nurse Shark headed for Reva!
"Hello Ms. Reva."
Nurse Shark and Mitch
"Hey, who's that invading my space?"
Tiny Orange Coral Blennie
Trumpet Fish
Rock Beauty
Yellow Sting Ray

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