Tuesday, June 22, 2010

V.B.S. 2010 Forest Hills Baptist

VBS at F.H.B.C. was a blast and one of the best ever. Enjoy the photos!

VBS 2010 Group Picture

Our Fearless Leaders

Here We Go!Welcome To Saddle Ridge Ranch

Drama Queens & Their Crazy Leader

Sharing the Gospel. That's What It's All About!

Olivia, Thatcher, Ashtyn & Robie

Are we supposed to be saying the Pledge?

Soap painting is fun!

Thatcher!! Waaaaaaaaa...
Hi, I'm Robie.

Hello, I'm Ashtyn. And I'm Thatcher.This is Gram's class.
And this is AL's class. (Aunt Laura, or mommy...whatever.)
We think we were the best class of all.
Hey, what about me?
I'm Drew.
I'm a cowgirl. Think I look like Annie Oakley?
Who cares about girls? Us men are playing on the fort!

Family Night was a big event. About 180 attended!

All us kids took part in our program.

Well, maybe all but one!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flood of 2010

Welcome to the Flood of 2010. Hopefully it is the last one for many years!
The Rise Begins
Special thanks to Jeremy Roy, Marty Johnson and Billy Stephenson for coming over quickly to help us move out of the downstairs area before anything could be damaged.
The Rush Is On!
Also, a shout out to Matthew Scott, Erica Scott, Tammy Johnson and Heather Johnson, who along with Marty and Billy helped us squeegy the mud out of the house, garage and off the patio and then power clean and santitize so we could move back in.
The Soggy-Boggy Aftermath!
We got most of the things moved back in by late night and had no damage to the house or furnishings. The water was just over a foot deep inside the house and it left about a one inch deposit of mud everywhere.
Yesterday was our day of prayer for our Vacation Bible School. I am sure we're going to have a great VBS this year, because Satan is doing everything he can to disrupte. I've got news for him. Our God is bigger and more mighty than he could ever hope to be and God will overcome his attacks once again!